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nantong zhishuo Machinery Co., Ltd. 


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Company address: No. 2 the Bund Road, Jiuhua Town, Nantong, Jiangsu.

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Company profile:

brief introduction

Intelligent machinery focuses on the processing and development of stainless steel containers and conveying equipment. Provide high-quality equipment design and manufacture, engineering installation and commissioning services for customers in food, daily chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and other fields. Assist customers to solve all kinds of process problems, strive for excellence in equipment, to meet the rigorous requirements of various complex processes on equipment. We provide customers with complete production solutions, fully listen to customer suggestions, and provide quality assurance services. From the beginning to the end, be sincere and become the most friendly friend of our customers.


Professional technicians provide customers with comprehensive technical consultation, equipment processing, installation and commissioning services. Ensure the system equipment works stably according to the process setting process.

It provides complete follow-up tracking, life-long maintenance and upgrading of equipment.

N full pre sales consultation

Design and manufacture of N equipment

Engineering installation and commissioning of n system

N detailed training and after sales maintenance

N lifetime guarantee

Scope of Business: Daily Chemical Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Environmental Protection Equipment, Pre-packaged Food Production Equipment, Metal Kitchen Appliances, Metal Commodity Research and Development, Design, Manufacture, Sale, Installation, Debugging and Maintenance