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Intelligent machinery promotes new equipment for solid vinegar brewing

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Intelligent machinery promotes new equipment for solid vinegar brewing

Zhishuo Machinery introduced a new type of solid-state fermentation equipment for vinegar in 2018, which fully absorbed and studied the traditional vinegar brewing technology with various regional characteristics in China and combined with modern design concept. A vinegar brewing system which can completely replace the traditional brewing method has been developed.

The whole brewing system consists of main engine, power system, control system and protection structure. The process of turning over, ventilation, temperature control, fumigation, vinegar spraying and slag discharging can be automatically completed in the equipment during the solid vinegar brewing process. At the same time, with the advanced automatic control system, in the operation of equipment, ventilation, heat transfer, vinegar immersion compensation and other nodes can only be controlled and detected, so that the whole brewing process is easy and intelligent. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with perfect safety protection measures to effectively guarantee the safety of personnel in the production process.

Vinegar brewing system enables enterprises to get rid of the inherent shortcomings of traditional solid-state vinegar brewers, such as high labor intensity, high risk of environmental pollution and poor environment, and high wastage in production process. The whole vinegar processing process is completed in a sealed environment, which avoids the problem of heavy empty vinegar flavor in the workshop, material loss in the process of turning over, vinegar spraying and artificial turnover of slag discharging. Minimize production loss. With the intervention of highly automatic control, workers can get rid of the traditional vinegar solid-state fermentation, high-intensity physical labor and poor working environment, and also get rid of the influence of artificial factors such as workers'proficiency and responsibility on product quality, so as to make the product more uniform.

The introduction of automatic control makes the labor cost per unit vinegar production very low. A solid vinegar production workshop with an annual output of 15,000 tons can complete all the operations of preparation, feeding, fermentation, vinegar spraying and slag discharging by 5-7 people.

At the same time, we are committed to cooperate with production enterprises to develop more efficient and low-cost vinegar brewing process. For example, using distiller's grains as a leavening agent, and adopting the technology of vinegar production by pouring and pouring. Promote industrial upgrading of vinegar industry together with customers.

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