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2018 central financial support for agricultural products processing industry policy subsidy projects

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The General Office of the State Council issued opinions on further promoting the development of agricultural products processing industry, improving the agricultural products processing industry and policy support system. Today, small farmers share with you what subsidy policies for agricultural products processing industry in 2017-2018 have.

Financial subsidy policy

1, initial processing subsidy policy for agricultural products

The subsidy policy for the initial processing of agricultural products takes the form of "building before subsidizing". The proportion of subsidy for this project in previous years is 30% of the total investment. Since 2016, the state has implemented a quota subsidy for project objects nationwide, with a standard of 1-340,000 yuan.

2. Industrialization project of national comprehensive agricultural development.

Supporting cooperative organizations and agricultural-related enterprises to develop and construct agricultural production bases and primary processing and construction of agricultural by-products by means of financial subsidies and loan discounts, the central financial funds of cooperative financial subsidies projects are between 300,000 and 800,000 yuan, and the central financial funds of agricultural-related enterprises financial subsidies projects are between 500,000 and 1,000,000,000 yuan. Household financial assistance projects such as family farms, the central financial resources amounted to 20~40 yuan.

3, national poverty alleviation and development funds support projects

The national poverty alleviation and development fund vigorously implements industrial poverty alleviation, and supports agricultural product processing enterprises in poor areas with obvious Income-increasing effects. Since 2004, the State Council's Poverty Alleviation Office has recognized the national leading enterprises in poverty alleviation throughout the country, and given loan discount support. According to statistics, more than 80% of the leading enterprises in poverty alleviation are agricultural products processing enterprises. The scale of funds is uncertain, usually 200-500 yuan.

4. National Fund for modern agricultural development

In 2008, the central government began to set up funds for the development of modern agricultural production. As an important content, it has supported the processing of agricultural products and promoted the establishment of a group of modern agricultural enterprises integrating the production and processing of superior industries. It has become an important source of funds to support the development of the processing industry of agricultural products. The scale of funds is uncertain, generally 3. 0-150 yuan.

5. Declaration of demonstration enterprises of staple food processing industry

Animal and poultry aquatic products, vegetable products, raw or cooked dishes, such as processing and production products, engaged in staple food processing enterprises can declare, the previous year's declaration time is about April.

6. Special subsidies for agricultural products processing.

Project Scope: Food, fruits and vegetables, livestock products, oils, aquatic products, food, liquid milk, hops and malts, etc.

Project requirements: there are requirements for new fixed assets during the year, and the requirements are inconsistent.

Project subsidy: 20-50 yuan

7, rural 123 industry integration development project

Scope of the project: Planting, cultivation, processing, circulation and sale of agricultural products, leisure agriculture and so on. In principle, it does not support pure agricultural production projects.

Project requirements: above the provincial level demonstration agencies and key enterprises above the provincial level.

Project subsidy: The scale of central financial subsidy for pilot projects of farmer cooperatives does not exceed 2 million yuan, and that for pilot projects of leading agricultural enterprises does not exceed 3 million yuan.

8, development finance supports the key projects of agricultural products processing industry.

Scope of the project:

(1) grain and oil processing, fruit and vegetable processing, livestock products processing, aquatic products processing, and special product processing.

(two) special raw material base for agricultural products processing

(three) agricultural products processing and warehousing logistics

Project support: the development bank will provide various types of loan products according to the needs of agricultural products processing enterprises.

9, demonstration of feed utilization of agricultural and sideline resources

The by-products produced in the production and processing of crops such as grain, fruit and vegetable, cotton, hemp and oil are exploited by feeding, the potential of feeding utilization of agricultural by-resources is tapped, the mode of feeding utilization of grain crops is changed, and the feeding utilization of agricultural waste is promoted.

Declaration body: farmer cooperatives, planting, breeding, agricultural products processing or forage processing enterprises. Leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization above municipal level should give priority to support.

Project requirements: More than 50 members of cooperatives and more than 5 million yuan (including) of registered capital of enterprises

Project subsidy: 300-400 yuan

Tax policy

1, value-added tax preferential treatment for agricultural products processing industry.

In the industries of liquid milk and dairy products, alcohol and vegetable oil processing, the deduction rate of input tax of agricultural products has been changed from 13% to the applicable tax rate when taxpayers re-sell goods, which further reduces the tax burden of agricultural products processing enterprises.

2, preferential treatment of agricultural products processing industry income tax

The initial processing of agricultural products is exempt from income tax. In 2011, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation "Supplementary Notice on the Scope of Preferential Processing of Agricultural Products Enjoying Enterprise Income Tax Income Tax" further standardized the preferential income tax policies for enterprises engaged in primary processing of agricultural products, and refined the relevant matters.

3, part of the import processing equipment for agricultural products is exempt from customs duties and value-added tax.

For agricultural products processing equipment that conforms to the national high-tech catalogue and approved by relevant state departments for imported projects, import tariffs and value-added tax on import links shall be exempted in addition to the commodities listed in the Catalogue of Import Commodities for Domestic Investment Projects which are not exempt from tax. For leading enterprises engaged in industrial projects encouraged by the state, advanced processing and production equipment that can not be produced in China shall be introduced, and import tariffs and value-added tax on import links shall be exempted in accordance with relevant provisions.

4, export tax refund policy for agricultural products

Since June 1, 2009, the export rebate rate of canned, fruit juice, mulberry silk and other agricultural deep processing products has increased to 15%, the export rebate rate of some aquatic products has increased to 13%, and the export rebate rate of corn starch and alcohol has increased to 5%.

Financial support policy

1, credit support for agricultural products processing industry.

The growth rate of loans for agriculture, rural areas and farmers is no less than the average annual growth of loans, and the increment of loans.

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